Local Celebrites at the Ramswirt.

Take a look at our famous visitors.

Some of our clebriteies visit more than often,

they like to come to the cosy and friendly environment of the Rams and our house.

13 June 2017

State governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner was a guest on the Rams

First left: Deputy Mayor Hubert Haselbacher
Second left: BPO Hermann Haue
Top right: Mayor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Willibald FuchsRight: GPO NR Bgm Johann Rädler

July 2015

LH Stv Karin Renner visited the group of pensioners Traiskirchen during her 14-day stay on the Rams! 

Also present: the Bgm of Traiskirchen Babler Andreas MSc, town councillor Himstedt Franz and NR Hechtl Johann.

On June 27, 2014.

the well-known pop singer Kurt Elsasse, his family and fan club boss Sollak visited the Rams.

On June 27, 2014.

vice president of the Austrian Farmers' Association and MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Elli Köstinger was a honorable guest!

On April 11, 2014.

County Councillor Dr. Bohuslav opens our new workshop venue.

Participating guests: Provincial Councillor Dr. Bohuslav, Mayor Dr. Willibald Fuchs, District Commissioner of the WKO NK Waltraud Riegler, FGO Gastronomie Mario Pulker.

On February 20, 2013.

County Councilor Dr. Bohuslav makes a quick stop during the planning of the new workshop venue.

On 21. 09. 2011

Harald Krassnitzer known from the series " Der Bergdoktor", "Tatort" or the " Winzerkönig stayed with his film team in our house for four days!

On February 25, 2007.

World Champion Hannes Herzog carved a bull's head with a chainsaw for the new Bull Express, a pig and an Easter bunny.

On 24. 06. 2006

Barbara Karlich - Regulars' table; one day with Barbara Karlich and her fans at the Ramswirt. Barbara also christened a foal on the name "Black Beauty".


On 24. 04. 2004

Finance Minister Josef Pröll visits the Ramswirt.

Baptism of the bull from "Zaristo" to "Ramsi"

Zaristo is christened "RAMSI" by Generaldir. Deputy of the Lower Austrian insurance Coreth !

Picture 2 from left to right: Generaldir. Deputy Lower Austrian Insurance Coreth, Mayor Karl Mayerhofer, Mayor Dr Willibald Fuchs, Julius Pichler.

Silo opening

with Landesrat Dipl.-Ing. Plank and Verk.Dir. Josef PÖGNER from the Brewing Union.

Photo exhibition by Ernst Mayerhofer

(left picture)

from left to right: State Councillor Dipl.-Ing. Plank, Ernst Mayerhofer, Julius Pichler.

(right picture)

Peter Pichler, Maria Pichler, Julius Pichler, Ernst Mayerhofer, Mayor Dr Willibald Fuchs.

Extension opening

Figure 1 from left to right:

Julius Pichler, Maria Pichler, LH Deputy Gabman, Mayor Dr Willibald Fuchs.

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