New- Bull rodeo

Show us what you can do and or rather show the bull on our ranch!

Original milk

Our A2 milk is healthy and very tolerable.

Opening hours

Monday and Tuesday day off

Wednesday to Saturday all day hot kitchen until 7 pm, Sunday until 6 pm

We are looking forward to your visit!

Sleep like a king, eat like a prince, breathe
good air like a peasant! We have 32 generously furnished comfort rooms with a total of 60 beds for you to choose from.

We cook and process only products from our own agriculture, we can guarantee and prove the origin of our products to 100%.

Activity Program

Viennese Alps Hiking possibilities Ramswirt Figure_Viennese Alps_Florian Lierzer.jpg


From the Ramssattel to the Northern Alps Trail - here you will find plenty of hiking and walking trails, there is something for every taste.

Viennese Alps mountain bike Ramswirt Bild_Wiener Alpen_Kremsl

Mountain bike

2Rad fans will find ideal conditions here, no matter whether they want to ride over the Eselberg (donkey mountain) in a challenging way or through the Feistritztal valley in a more leisurely manner.

Show mine community Payerbach Photo_ Franz_Zwickl

When it rains...

then you can visit the Wartholz castle nursery or visit caves and show mines.


Ramssattel 824 m above sea level.

We have 35 generously furnished comfort rooms for you to choose from


3 workshop rooms with adjacent break rooms and a terrace. The quiet location in healthy surroundings is also the ideal venue for your workshop, meeting or training.

Bull show

With the bull express the visitors to the farm. There, children and parents take a close look at the breeding bull Ramsi.

Farmer's market

Shopping on the farm

In our permanently equipped farmer's market you can browse from a wide variaty of products from our own agriculture.

Do you know where your meat comes from?

With our hotel and the farm we operate a functioning supply-cycle, all in our own business!

Lukas Chicken Yard

Lukas our passionate chicken breeder runs his chicken farm caring for over 100 chickens.

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Fresh Breakfast eggs from our own happy chickens

Ramswirt news

Lukas Pichler tests A2 whole milk, and it tastes great.

Lukas Pichler tests A2 whole milk, and it tastes great.

The milk of our selected Fleckvieh cows is not only richer in content, but also particularly well tolerated due to its special protein composition. Our junior Lukas Pichler tests A2 whole milk, fresh from our farm, and it tastes just right...

A2 Milk - digestible and healthy

A2 Milk - digestible and healthy

A2 Milk The milk that is better tolerated, but is produced in the same way as "normal" milk: the difference is made by a single amino acid in the milk protein beta-casein: In A1 milk the protein chain is split, in A2 milk it is not. This split...

Rams Bull rodeo

Rams Bull rodeo

Tame it, if you can - have the courage to climb up and get on the bike, only here on the Rams! Bull riding for big and small cowboys. A real challenge, which demands all your attention, because this bull is full of surprises. From Easter to October every...



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